Vida boa acai


We just love acai bowls!

Vida Boa means “good life” in Portuguese - Everyone is searching for their best life... their own Vida Boa.

The story of Vida Boa Acai began when Fernando and Jennifer Halfeld’s lives came together four years ago. Fernando had just moved from Juiz de Fora, Brazil to the little town of Lake Jackson, TX to start his own Brazilian Jiu Jitsu studio. When Jennifer walked into his new business, it was love at first sight (or at least as close as it comes to it!). Since that day four years ago, the couple has worked hard to love their life together- in supporting one another, traveling, eating amazing foods and staying active and healthy.

At the beginning of the summer of 2019, Fernando traveled back home to Brazil for the first time in five years to get his stripe on his Black Belt. As he took in the joy of seeing his family and friends, the smells of the streets of his hometown and the beauty of the hills surrounding him, he also ate a bite of the local, fresh Acai bowl. He didn't realize how much he had missed the sweetness of the berries and the crunch of the granola mixed with the sticky goodness of the honey drizzled on top. Jen and Fernando decided then that they would bring the authentic Brazilian acai bowl to their School of Jiu Jitsu in Lake Jackson.

At Vida Boa Acai, we are proud to be serving authentic, organic and straight-from-the-jungles-of-Brazil acai bowls. Not only are our bowls delicious, but they are full of amazing antioxidants and nutrients! We are beyond excited to be able to share something we are so passionate about with the community that we have come to love.

More than anything, we are excited to share part of our Vida Boa with you.

From our family to yours.

Vida Boa Acai - Taste the Good Life.